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US Healthcare is going crazy

So, I’ve already posted one interesting article after another on Facebook today (well, they’re interesting to me, and I think they are pertinent to pretty much everyone). I thought I’d actually take some time to share one of these articles here, taking into account my dad’s complaint that Facebook is stealing potentially good blog content.

Healthcare. It’s not going anywhere. Or rather, whether or not the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) sticks around long enough for each of its measures to go into effect, the problematic-ness of health care in the US is not going anywhere. Check out this nice collection of graphs for a good overview.

Summary: Americans spend a lot more than other developed nations, but aren’t as healthy. The wealthy and old, not surprisingly, spend the most on healthcare. And, if you care about what’s going on with the federal budget (again, it’s pertinent to you if you are an American), you should care about Medicare and Medicaid because they are expected to explode over the next several decades (not unlike how I once heard in a Stake Priesthood meeting at BYU that the Church is literally exploding in South America! Ok ok, unlike that)


For my dad, the economist

From time to time, I find myself actually interested in economics – these periods tend to coincide with when I am earnestly applying myself in whatever econ course I’m enrolled in at the time. Now is one of those times!

So, I searched for “iso-cost” on Google, and found this picture:

…ok, you got me, those are iso-quant curves, not iso-cost curves! Iso-quant curves follow different combinations of inputs which produce the same amount of output. If you think that’s boring, well, I was once like you 🙂

For more great econ fun, check out the blog where this picture originated: Jake Does Econ 101