Musings on Mormonism

Life as a Perfectionist

I think I’m going to start a new ongoing topic on my blog, and it will be: Life as a Perfectionist. You see, I happen to be one of those. I believe that there are certain types of personality, each with their own characteristic shortcomings, and mine happens to include that constant pressure to transcend the mediocre, to be incredible at all times, to do things just right every time. No task is so mundane that it can’t haunt the perfectionist with the demand to be performed flawlessly. Yes, life can be quite complicated as a perfectionist. Worries seem to find abundant fertile ground in the perfectionist’s mind, whereas other personalities can’t be bothered to reserve much room for the gnawing doubt and desire from which such worries sprout.

Perfectionistic thought processes (which I consider to actually be much less deliberate than such a phrase would suggest), regardless of what they are about, tend to follow the same general pattern, and also threaten to end in similarly disappointing ways, not that any outcomes are predestined. This pattern is as follows:

-I need to do ________

-Not only do I need to do ________, but I need to do it exceptionally well

[After some thought and/or effort, the reality of things dawns on the perfectionist]

-It’s either impossible or impractical for me to do ________ exceptionally well, so I’m just going to not do it, and sulk instead

[or, if circumstances allow]

-I think I can actually make ________ into a masterpiece, and darn it, I will!

I’m sure this description sounds familiar to many of you reading this, if not for everyone in at least one instance of their lives. Anyway, this ends the first installment of the fascinating world of Life as a Perfectionist!

P.S. I’m not sure why those funny gray lines are showing up. I just wanted to indent!


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