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A few sweet songs from Rush’s “Snakes & Arrows”

I recently purchased Rush’s 18th studio album (or is it 19th?), “Snakes and Arrows”, and found it to be a mixed bag, unlike its predecessor “Vapor Trails”, which I thoroughly loved. Many of the songs on this album just drag on without really doing anything for me. For instance, I find “Armor and Sword”, despite some cool musical phrases here and there, to be somewhat boring, while other tracks like “Workin’ Them Angels” and “Bravest Face” give me a headache without offering any compensatory thrills. But then, of course, there are the gems of the album, most of which are, interestingly enough, instrumentals (the opening track, “Far Cry”, though not an instrumental, is also one of the best tracks)! “Hope” and “Malignant Narcissism” are both excellent, but my favorite track is probably “The Main Monkey Business”. I know, it’s a goofy name, but the song is just rife with rad riffs – and those who know me well know how I feel about rad riffs! If you like sweet guitar riffs and funky beats as much as me, you must hear this song! Hurry, go to Amazon or iTunes and listen/buy!


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