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Eastern Europe not a good place to be a fetus

Among the findings of a recent study published in the UK medical journal, The Lancet, was that there are 105 abortions for every 100 live births in Eastern Europe, outdistancing even the notoriously fetus-unfriendly region of East Asia (51 abortions per 100 births)! Man, it’s tough being a fetus these days. I wonder, how many of those (I’m guessing) millions of Eastern European abortions were for reasons other than sexual abuse and health concerns – probably the vast majority. I suppose poverty is, in fact, another factor to consider, because contraception costs money, as does raising a child, although I think abortion is a deplorable way to avoid financial liability. One bright note, however, is that the abortion rate in Eastern Europe is dropping rapidly as contraception availability improves. I hope that’s true; if people are gonna be hedonists, they at least ought to avoid killing babies along the way.

A link to the Washington Post’s article on the report can be found here.


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