Musings on Mormonism

Emerging admiration for Glen Beck

Just a quick blurb right now. I currently have cable in my house, which allows me to be connected to all the great newsy shows out there, and one of those shows I often stumble across in my channel flipping is Glen Beck’s program on CNN Headline News. I was looking up some info on him at Wikipedia, the authoritative source of everything informational, and  frankly find the guy a little intriguing. Having dealt with family tragedies and his own substance abuse to get where he is now speaks a lot for the man. I also like these quotes:

“God stalked me like he had a giant baptismal rifle,” Beck said. “I thwarted him. I led people astray as much I could but he kept putting Mormons in my way.”

(Haha, baptismal rifle!)

“I am a conservative who doesn’t happen to be a Republican”

(I can respect that)


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